Environmental Consulting Services

Hanover Engineering provides a full range of Environmental Consulting Services in Pennsylvania, Ohio and other surrounding states. Our firm’s Environmental staff specializes in wetland services, lake and watershed management, stream restoration, lake and pond dredging, trout habitat improvement, Environmental Site Assessments, park and trail planning, stormwater management, and water quality studies.

Our experienced staff is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of federal, state and local regulatory processes and work regularly with agency representatives to achieve project goals, efficiently and effectively. Hanover Engineering has worked diligently to develop and maintain an excellent rapport with all regulatory agencies, which is invaluable in the regulatory and permitting process.

Environmental Consulting Services Include:

  • Wetland Delineation
  • DEP and ACOE Permitting
  • Wetland Restoration and Mitigation
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • DEP Permit Compliance
  • Stream Assessment, Monitoring and Restoration
  • Trout Habitat Improvement
  • ESCGP-2 and NPDES Permitting
  • Utility Line Permitting
  • E&SPC Plans and Observation
  • Route Development
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I & II)
  • Gas Well Pad Permitting
  • Compressor Facilities Permitting
  • Legal Plat Preparation
  • Core Boring Evaluations
  • Environmental Inspections
  • Final Alignment Layout
  • Lake Studies and Management
  • Watershed Studies
  • Geologic Studies
  • Hydrogeologic Studies
  • Carbonate Geology Studies
  • Sinkhole Investigation
  • Soil Classification
  • Stormwater Basin Retrofits
  • MS4 Compliance and Reports

Hanover Engineering provides civil and structural engineering, as well as surveying services in support of our environmental consulting work.

The staff at Hanover Engineering is regularly called upon to provide construction oversight for wetland restoration and mitigation projects, along with erosion and sediment pollution control plan observation and management to best ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

Hanover Engineering works with the reviewing and permitting agencies and regularly provides services to our clients to address the necessary documentation and reporting needs throughout a project, as required by permit conditions. The experience and knowledge of our staff ensures a high level of technical professionalism in the services we provide to our clients.