Mountain Springs Lake Flood Inundation Map

Environmental Consulting Services

Hanover Engineering provides dam inspection services to Mountain Springs Lake Resort located in the Village of Reeders, Monroe County. Mountain Springs Lake is a residential community consisting of permanent residences and vacation homes surrounding a man-made lake. The lake is approximately 436 acre-feet in size and provides both recreational and aesthetic value to the community.

Due to the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) classification of the lake as a high hazard dam, Mountain Springs Lake is required to develop an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to identify potential emergency conditions and coordinate responsibilities of individuals and emergency organizations in the event of a dam failure. A major component and requirement of the EAP is the development of a downstream Flood Inundation Map. This map defines the limits of maximum flooding that would result in the event of a failure of the dam. Flood levels are calculated by completing a breach analysis, which also contains other information including traffic control points and emergency shelter locations.

As the area surrounding the lake continues to change and be further developed, the EAP and Flood Inundation Map must also be updated to reflect these changes. After several years of developing and updating the plan on their own, Mountain Springs Lake contacted Hanover Engineering to assist with keeping the EAP compliant with current DEP standards. Initial work to update the plan included reviewing historic maps and analysis reports. Through coordination with DEP and County officials, Hanover Engineering was able to develop a Flood Inundation Map using current data.