Utility Line Design & Permitting

Hanover Engineering provides a full range of professional engineering and environmental consulting services to assist our Utility clients with their project needs. Our staff has extensive experience in the many aspects of the engineering field and provides the required designs and supporting documents for permitting and construction of the project.

Our Environmental Department specializes in delineating wetlands and obtaining permits for a wide variety of projects. Our staff is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the wetland regulatory process and work regularly with representatives of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, State environmental agencies and various County Conservation Districts. Our firm has worked diligently to develop and maintain an excellent rapport with Federal, State and local agencies, whose interactions are invaluable in the regulatory and permitting process.

Hanover Engineering also provides civil and structural engineering, as well as surveying services in support of our utility line design and permitting work. In addition, our firm also provides construction oversight for the wetland restoration and mitigation projects, and erosion and sedimentation control observation and management to assist in keeping projects compliant with State and Federal regulations.

Specific Utility Line Design and Permitting Services include:

  • Wetland Delineation and Permitting
  • Project Coordination and Project Management
  • Route Development and Final Alignment Determination
  • Acquiring State, County and Municipal Land Development Approvals
  • Stormwater Management Design and Permitting for ESCGP-2 and NPDES Permits
  • State and Army Corps of Engineering Permitting
  • Compressor Facility Permitting
  • Gas Well Pad Permitting
  • Utility Line Permitting
  • Wetland Restoration and Mitigation
  • Horizontal Direction Drill Design
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design, Permitting and Conservation Observation
  • Construction Alignment Plans
  • Preparation of Property Plats
  • Infiltration Testing and Design for Stormwater Management Facilities
  • Hydraulic Design for Water Pressure Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing Design
  • Highway Occupancy Permits
  • Water Supply Systems

Our staff works closely with our clients throughout the design and construction process to quickly and efficiently make the needed project revisions and, if required, obtain revised permits and approvals to minimize delays in the project.