Well Pad Site Development

Utility Line Design and Permitting

Hanover Engineering assisted with the development of a 9.5 acre well pad site in Susquehanna County. The purpose of the pad site was to establish several well holes for the extraction of natural gas. Permitting of the well pad was processed through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) in accordance with the ESCGP-1 process.

Specific services provided by Hanover Engineering for the design, permitting, and construction of the project include:

  • Tax map and parcel research
  • Preparation of Concept Plans showing schematic layout and grading for the proposed project site
  • Preparation of Construction Plans for use by the Contractor
  • Wetland and waterway delineation
  • Survey location of wetland delineations, existing utilities and natural features, and topography for the project area
  • Preparation of detailed Erosion Control designs and calculations
  • Obtaining PA DEP permitting for Earth Disturbance Activities
  • Preparation of Landowner Sign Off documents for execution between client and landowner
  • Coordination of project data with client
  • Construction stake out of all pad-related site work
  • Stake out of permitted well hole locations upon completion of pad construction
  • Project management and scheduling