Public Sector

Municipal Engineering and Planning has been one of our firm’s core services since its inception in 1970. Today, our company serves over 40 local government organizations, including 1st – 3rd Class Townships, Boroughs, Municipal Authorities, and Counties.

Our firm maintains appointed positions including Municipal Engineer, Authority Engineer, Sewage Enforcement Officer, Stormwater Engineer, Sewage Facilities Engineer, Municipal Planner, and Wetlands Consultant depending on our client’s needs.    

We are privileged to provide a wide range of services and products for our public clients, including:

    • Municipal Ordinance Development
    • Subdivision/Land Development Reviews
    • Municipal Separate Stormsewer (MS4) Permitting
    • Public Improvement Design & Inspection
    • Municipal Complex Planning & Design
    • Transportation (Act 209) Planning & Design
    • Comprehensive Plan Development
    • Open Space & Recreation Plan Development
    • Onlot Sewage Disposal System Review, Design & Inspection
    • Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning & Sewage Enforcement
    • Public Water & Sewer Rates, Rules, & Regulations
    • Industrial Waste Regulations
    • Stormwater Management Regulations
    • Environmental Feature Regulations
    • Geotechnical Engineering & Inspection
    • Structural Engineering & Inspection
    • Hydrogeological Regulations & Inspection

    It is our highest priority to provide the support necessary for our public clients to achieve their goals through effective communication, dedication, responsiveness, and technical expertise.