Compressor Station Site Development

Utility Line Design and Permitting

Hanover Engineering assisted with the development of a natural gas compressor station in Tioga County. The compressor station is used to connect well spur pipelines, process the natural gas, and deliver it into a midstream system for sale into a transmission pipeline. In addition to the permitting requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP), compliance was required with the Tioga County Subdivision and Land Development regulations, which included coordination with local officials and public meetings to review and discuss the project.

Specific services provided by Hanover Engineering for the design and permitting of the project include:

  • Preliminary layout and site development design
  • Preparing Constructability Assessment and recommendations
  • Boundary surveys as needed to identify critical property lines
  • Topographical Survey of wetland and watercourse delineations, existing utilities, and other pertinent existing and natural features, including stream topography and road crossings
  • Wetland and watercourse delineation
  • PA DEP ESCGP-2 permitting for Earth Disturbance Activities
  • Land Development design and approval from Tioga County Planning Commission
  • Preparation of Exhibits for Landowner Agreements, including workspace area, length of right-of-way, and temporary and permanent access road lengths
  • Construction stake out for limits of earth disturbance
  • Project management and scheduling
  • GIS mapping
  • Preparation of PennDOT and Township Highway Occupancy Permits for temporary construction and permanent access