West Donegal Township Bridge Replacements

Municipal Engineering & Planning / Structural Engineering

The West Donegal Township Bridge Replacement Project began in late 2001 after inspections were performed on the West Ridge Road Bridge and Miller Road Bridge under the State Bridge Inspection Program. As a result of the inspections, it was determined that the critical support members of both bridges needed to be repaired or replaced. Hanover Engineering as the Township Engineer, assisted with the design and repair of the bridges.

Both the West Ridge Road Bridge and Miller Road Bridge were constructed in the early 1980’s. The bridges are timber bridges with laminated wood decks topped with a paved surface. Hanover Engineering coordinated the method of construction and ordering of materials needed to complete the work using the Township’s road crew and equipment.

Repairs consisted of the replacement of the structural cross members on both bridges with pretreated wood timbers. Work was completed by disconnecting and raising the deck with temporary bracing to allow the deteriorated structural beams and other miscellaneous wood materials to be removed and replaced.

Additional improvements to both bridges included partial replacement of the wing walls, guiderail replacement, and repaving of the deck of the bridges, along with an inspection of the piers for scour protection. Hanover Engineering provided on-site support for the Township’s road crew, helping to ensure the bridge repairs were completed on time and within budget.

Due to the innovative design for the repair of these bridges, the Township was able to complete the required work with their own work force, and more efficiently and cost effectively than if it had been publicly bid.