Townes at Trexler Square (Walnut Street)

Subdivision and Land Development

Hanover Engineering was retained by Nic Zawarski and Sons Builders, Inc. as their land development engineer for the design to redevelop an under- utilized parking lot which was purchased from the City of Allentown Parking Authority. The project is located on Walnut Street between Eighth and Ninth Streets in the City of Allentown, Lehigh County. The project area was 0.63 acres in size and consisted of the construction of a fourteen-unit condominium, along with access drives, and the extension of utilities to service the project.

Hanover Engineering prepared the land development plans for the project and provided expert testimony at the City Planning Commission public meetings. The project also involved the coordination with Verizon Communication to relocate existing underground telephones conduits.

Upon approval of the Land Development Plans for the project, Hanover Engineering provided construction stake out for the proposed structures and utilities which serviced the project. Hanover Engineering provided services during the construction phase of the project to ensure compliance with the Uniform Condominium Act. Also, Hanover Engineering prepared the as built survey drawings for the water main and sanitary sewer extensions.

Upon completion of the project, Hanover Engineering assisted Nic Zawarski and Sons Builders, Inc. in the preparation of the Condominium Plat Plan, legal descriptions, and Exhibits required for the Condominium Association.