Townes at Sullivan Trail

Subdivision & Land Development

Hanover Engineering was retained by Posh Properties and Nic Zawarski and Sons, Inc. as their land development engineer for a mixed use (residential and commercial) subdivision and land development project called Townes at Sullivan Trail. The project is located at the intersection of Sullivan Trail and Zucksville Road in Forks Township, Northampton County. The project area consisting of 24.69 acres was developed into an 84-lot residential subdivision and two (2) commercial lots.

Hanover Engineering provided engineering services for all phases of the land development approval process, including the preparation of the topographical and boundary surveys, subdivision street layout, stormwater management facilities design, NPDES permit approval, sanitary sewer collection system, Sewage Planning Module approval, land development approval, and provided expert testimony at the Forks Township Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors public meetings.

The commercial portion of the project provides direct access from Sullivan Trail and is developed with a hardware store, national pharmacy chain, a local bank branch and several restaurants. The other commercial lot is developed as a Goddard School, a private preschool and daycare facility. The project involved detailed coordination with PennDOT for the right-of-way improvements and widening of Sullivan Trail along the project frontage and the full signalization of the Zucksville Road and Sullivan Trail intersection.