Rehabilitation of Hulbert Hill Bridge

Structural Engineering

The Hulbert Hill Bridge over Swiftwater Creek (a high-water-quality stream) was in need of repair after hairline cracks were discovered in the bottom of the bridge’s concrete box girders during a routine inspection. This bridge is required to maintain service for emergency vehicles and other public access.

The scope of bridge rehabilitation consisted of demolition of the bridge deck and all existing box girders, soil erosion and sediment controls, repair of the concrete abutments that were cracked, installation of new pre-stressed concrete box girders, a new concrete deck, new bridge parapets, a new and improved bridge drainage system, a new guide rail system, resurfacing of both bridge approaches, and restoration of the site.

Hanover Engineering was tasked to re-inspect the bridge, provide repair/replacement drawings for the bridge rehabilitation, develop project specifications and bid documents, evaluate all bids, conduct pre-construction meetings and other meetings with the successful bidder, and provide construction observation and project management services during the rehabilitation.

Onsite construction started in March 2017 and ended in September 2017. During the construction period, all vehicular traffic was detoured around the construction site via traffic control measures that were developed before any work began, creating minimal disruption to the public.

The project was completed on time, within approved budgets, and approved for service after being inspected upon completion by a PennDOT approved inspection agency.