Northampton Community College Parking Lot Expansion

Subdivision & Land Development
Hanover Engineering was retained by the Northampton Community College (NCC) to assist with the design and construction of an additional paved parking lot at their South Campus in Bethlehem Township, Northampton County. This parking lot was constructed to provide additional parking spaces convenient to the main campus buildings and facilities for students and visitors.The project consisted of the design and construction a 190-space paved parking lot, accessed from the Oakland Road entrance of the College’s South Campus. Additional site improvements installed as part of the project include two stormwater basins and associated swales, replacement of an existing culvert, enhanced site lighting, and landscaping and shade trees. A pedestrian pathway also was constructed to connect the new parking facility with the existing sidewalk system. The two stormwater basins were designed as infiltration basins to provide water quality and volume control measures to meet the current county and state rate release and water quality regulations.Specific services provided for the design and construction of the project included:
  • Soil testing and design of the required stormwater management facilities
  • Design of site improvements and preparation of land development plans for the parking lot, pathways and stormwater facilities
  • Completion of E & S Control Plans
  • Preparation of bid specifications and contract documents
  • Assistance in the bidding, award of the contract, and project administration
  • Construction observation