Louise Moore Park – Pavilion No. 5 Facilities

Municipal Engineering & Planning / Structural Engineering

Hanover Engineering assisted Northampton County in the design and construction of a new park restroom to service the Park’s most heavily used facility, Pavilion No. 5. Park aesthetics were a determining factor in all material selected for this project. This project involved the construction of a new restroom building, potable water well, and associated on lot sewage disposal. The extension of electrical power to provide service for future park projects was also included as part of this project.

    Hanover Engineering completed the site surveying and design for the required park improvements, provided the structural design and details for the restroom building, and prepared contract documents and project specifications for the site work and building construction, as well as the electrical and plumbing work.

    Hanover Engineering also assisted the County in the bidding and award of the separate service contracts and provided construction observation services to assist the County with the execution of the project.

    Specific services provided for the design and construction of the project included:

    • Concept layouts and preparation of site plans and construction details
    • Structural design for restroom facility
    • Topographical surveys and construction stake out
    • Electrical service upgrade and extension
    • Soil Testing of septic field areas
    • Testing and design of the stormwater infiltration basins and control facilities
    • Design of parking areas and walkways