Lehigh Township Salt Storage Shed

Municipal Engineering & Planning / Structural Engineering

Hanover Engineering assisted Lehigh Township with the design of a three-bay salt storage shed to be utilized by the Township road crew for road salt storage. The Township requested the building be designed with a roof line high enough to allow their dump trucks to be completely emptied inside the building. Prior to construction, the location of an existing sewer force main was verified and the proposed building location was shifted due to “right-of-way” issues with the local Sewer Authority building. Also as part of this work, a low retaining wall immediately behind the structure was installed to protect the Authority’s access road.

A two-part epoxy coating system was developed to cover the concrete walls to assure the salt does not deteriorate the concrete over time. The project included a sealed concrete floor and bird netting just under the trusses. Additional design considerations were made to address lighting and separate chemical deicer storage for the building. The project was successfully constructed before inclement weather occurred, even though it was initiated late in 2009 by the Township.

Hanover Engineering was responsible for all aspects of the project design and bidding phases of the project, as well as for the review and approval of shop drawings, material submittals, and requests for payment. Services for the project included:

  • Preparation of construction documents and bid specifications
  • Contract management and bidding administration
  • Construction observation during construction of the facility