The Heritage Village Campus of Moravian Hall Square

Subdivision & Land Development

Hanover Engineering was retained by Morningstar Senior Living, Inc. (MSL) as their site engineer for the design and development of a 48-acre Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located in Upper Nazareth Township, Northampton County. The community includes approximately 143 units, consisting of single units, twin units, and “Townstone” units uniquely designed to provide a blend of traditional townhouse architecture with the convenience of single-floor living for residents of the community. The campus also contains community clubhouses, a maintenance facility, and an integrated recreational trail network tailored to seniors with a maximum 5% slope throughout the trail system.

The entire site was designed to avoid the use of any steps, including up to and into the units, to provide safe, comfortable access for the senior population. The site layout was also developed in an effort to protect and enhance the extensive natural environmental features existing onsite including wetlands and an intermittent stream channel, which traverses south through the site and the neighboring Nazareth Borough Park. Hanover Engineering provided MSL with civil engineering services for all aspects of the project as additional property was acquired during the development timeline, including obtaining Conditional Use approvals, an amendment to the Township Zoning Ordinance, subdivision and township land development approval, easement acquisitions, the design of offsite utility extensions, topographical surveys, boundary surveys, obtaining an NPDES permit, PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permits, Chapter 105 permit, and the PADEP Sewage Facilities Planning Module approval required for the project, among other tasks.

Hanover Engineering also completed an on site sanitary sewer conveyance capacity analysis and television study; designed the stormwater management BMPs and site utilities; and assisted with cost estimating, value engineering, and acquisition of all local and state approvals.

Hanover Engineering continues to provide assistance during the construction phases of the project, including road, utility, and building stakeout, as-built surveys, and contract/construction management/engineering.